watching heathers yet again. young christian slater can i sit on your face ?

apparently there is more than one

I’m v clingy oops

none of my friends care about me, or have even spoken to me in weeks and weeks, they all hate me or have forgotten I exist I’m fucking invisible everyone knows I’m fucking nothing nothing nothing

Nobody understands me like Sofia fucking Coppola

I found a Le Tigre demo cd at my local record store and it’s so fucking good I will stab the next man that fucking looks at me I swear 2 god

My dream aesthetic is Winona Ryder in girl interrupted. Oh baby gimme that glum face

Haha oops

Should I go buy chicken nuggets is the real question

LET ME TELL U GUYS bonnaroo was so fucking hype there was this one taco stand that I probably bought 10 tacos all weekend from and I saw vampire weekend and arctic monkeys and Danny Brown and on Saturday I took a tab of acid which I have never done and I was tripping my balls off for like 12 hours and I saw frank ocean and the flaming lips and jack white and I was high as fuck there were hella fractals man. I think I looked at a tree for 45 minutes. ALSO I bought an eighth of some really fucking lush pot and it only cost me $40 which is insane !!! And just. Wow. I’m def coming back next year wow wow

So tomorrow I walk at graduation….I’m so happy for real. I’m so proud that I made it all the way through high school without killing myself or quitting and I’m graduation with honor and I just. Wow yo. I did it. Yay me.

11 days until i see KANYE and VAMPiRE WEEKEND and NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL and CHVRCHES and  wow wow w o w 

Are any of y’all going to bonnaroo this year?? Let’s hang at the farm next week yo

I’m buzzed af but I wish I had some pot