I saw mac demarco in Asheville today it was brill. He played most of salad days and signed my tshirt and my hat and he CROWD-SURFED holy shit and we all sang this 80s song and he had us kneel ??? Idk he’s a goofy dude I love him

Send me messages I’m pathetic and I feel kinda queasy

I had six orgasms today whoo boy

I think I’m having a hangover delay or something my head hurts so fucking bad

My parents went to church and I stayed home and came 6 times so who is the real winner here

Send me messages work sucks

Outdoor blogging 2k14

There are bees

I’m looking for a roommate for Capstone this fall. I’m nice, I swear !

My head is a fucking wreck

Ah yes my after-dinner mac and cheese

I’m trying really hard to not be sad anymore but it’s not working so I’m sad and disappointed in myself and also bleeding a little bit, my cuts opened back up and nobody cares enough to ask about me. y a y

Oh good more crying. I’ve been puffy for a week I’m p sure

Things have not been going well lately

I’ve relapsed maybe three times in the past three weeks after not cutting for a year and I’m sad all the time and this is week two of crying every day and I think about dying constantly and I feel invisible, like cellophane and I hate it so much but I don’t know what to do at all

I tried on like twelve pairs of high waisted pants today and none of them would go past my hips so I’m feelin p gr8 rn

I told him I was hungry but we didn’t have anything in the house.