*loud sarcastic crying noises*

I don’t care about boys don’t talk to me about boys

Haha I’m gonna go cry some more and try to sleep. I’ll do the kink thing in the morning so send them anyway

I saw mac demarco in Asheville today it was brill. He played most of salad days and signed my tshirt and my hat and he CROWD-SURFED holy shit and we all sang this 80s song and he had us kneel ??? Idk he’s a goofy dude I love him

Send me messages I’m pathetic and I feel kinda queasy

I had six orgasms today whoo boy

I think I’m having a hangover delay or something my head hurts so fucking bad

My parents went to church and I stayed home and came 6 times so who is the real winner here

Send me messages work sucks

Outdoor blogging 2k14

There are bees

I’m looking for a roommate for Capstone this fall. I’m nice, I swear !

My head is a fucking wreck

Ah yes my after-dinner mac and cheese

I’m trying really hard to not be sad anymore but it’s not working so I’m sad and disappointed in myself and also bleeding a little bit, my cuts opened back up and nobody cares enough to ask about me. y a y

Oh good more crying. I’ve been puffy for a week I’m p sure