he’ll be here tomorrow and we get to sleep together again wow wow wow oh gosh I’m in love ?????

My roommate left for the weekend and I miss her a lot which is weird bc we’ve only been living together for like two weeks but my whole floor is kind of weird and icky except for her 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

You are not allowed to be hurt. You have no right. I have every reason to hate you, fucking cry about it. Stop acting like your feelings are the most important.

i confronted my rapist today. still feeling shaky

There’s a fucking bat in my ducking dorm room. Our neighbor trapped it in his clothes hamper. It’s 3am. College.

i wish i’d done better with my money, i’m poor and it’s 643928934719841% my own stupid fault

I wouldn’t be as nervous about the freshman 15 as I am if I wasn’t already fat and gross but sadly 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

when you don’t talk to me I feel invisible

Today is move-in day for college and I still feel so fucking sick. Go cocks ?

My parents are mockingly talking about the ferguson murder. Mocking.

"Oh honey he was going to college. Of course. Of course he was targeted because he was ‘black’ and not because he’s a piece of shit"

I’m physically sick wow

I am trying v hard to be more educated about the situation in Palestine & Isreal but I feel like a lot of the info I get is too biased :////

I got strep throat three days before I leave for college hAhahaha

Does anyone have any tips for insanely swollen tonsils because I need to eat but I physically cannot

My throat is bleeding :) I’m leaving for college in 3 days :) dad says it might be strep :))))) I’m currently in so much pain :))))))))))))))))

Haha I’m miserable and sick ???